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We are landlords ourselves and started way back in 2006 with a blank sheet of paper and none of the baggage & bad habits that ex-estate agency people can come with.

  • One-off letting fee then nothing to pay no matter how long that tenant stays – they could stay for 5 years or more and all you will ever have paid us is that first fee – details below.
  • Tenancy management, should you choose it, from here in Twickenham by staff who know you AND know your property (agencies' management offices are usually many miles away, staffed by people to whom your property is just an address on a very long list)
  • We only recommend good tenants, not 'any' tenants. Agency staff are usually incentivised / threatened to just 'get someone in' so the branch can hit their targets / shareholders can stay happy / market share targets are reached. We don’t work like this. It is no use to us to put someone in that we feel uneasy about, just to make that month’s target. We would rather lose the fee and act with integrity and there are many examples of this that we can tell you about. We are landlords too – we are not going to lump you with someone we wouldn’t take ourselves.
  • We advertise on all of the 3 biggest sites; Right Move, Zoopla (the biggest 2 by far) and Prime Location (some agencies have saved money by quietly not listing on the last 2, which means their properties are in no way fully exposed to the market – OURS ARE)
I know you want to know about FEES right away too, so here are the main ones and are based on us being the only agents involved.


One-off Tenant-Finding Fee – 9.6% of annual rent figure with no further payments, ever, whatsoever while that tenant stays at the property (if they move out early in that first year we offer a proportionately reduced fee to find next tenant; subject to simple conditions – see T&Cs)

Full Tenancy Management – either pay the one-off letting fee above then 4.8% a month including rent collection, OR pay a straight 13.2% per month from the start, which means you don’t pay that initial one-off letting fee.

All charges are listed inclusive of VAT

All options are subject to obligatory £144 for tenancy agreement composition and organising signing.

All fees are listed in detail HERE

Please call us now on 020 8891 2929 or email us HERE

PLEASE NOTE! You can give us your contact details with confidence as you will NOT be bombarded with calls and emails every day by random agency staff in the way some agents do – WE DO NOT DO THIS! It is simply not part of our system and I’ve never understood it. That’s a personal promise. We will be in touch and give you the information you need, that’s all.

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David McGeachie


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